Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More about 'The Fray'

Fans of 'The Fray' may be interested in a new website that offers exclusive video interviews with members of the band. may be worth a visit to any one who wants to know more about this group and other contemporary hard-hitting groups who are unafraid of expressing social concerns with stark realism in their songs.

The full URL is:

Here is the link to the main page:
NowWhat Music

The website includes information about Projekt Revolution as well. Fans of 'My Chemical Romance', 'Taking Back Sunday' and 'Linkin Park' will find information about all these groups on the Projekt Revolution page.

'The Fray' achieved universal renown for their song, 'How to Save a Life'. Like Good Charlotte's incredibly powerful song, 'Hold On', 'How to Save a Life' deals with the genuine angst of adolescence and the role of intervention in the lives of those who are struggling to come to terms with the often harsh realities of this world. The message that is delivered in songs like these is a simple one: pay attention and listen, because lives are lost if we cannot or do not reach out to those who are on the edge of the abyss. Sometimes our attempts will be unsuccessful and heartbreaking, but when successful, the act of making a simple emotional connection with some one who is tottering on the edge can provide a lifeline.

In the words of 'How to Save a Life':

'And I would have stayed up with you all night,
Had I known how to save a life.'

Many groups express the emotions of alienation, betrayal and despair. Groups like 'The Fray' and 'Good Charlotte' take their music one step further by offering hope to those who are beseiged by these powerful influences that can threaten the lives of every human beingfrom infancy to the twilight of life.

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